I was interviewed by WJET-TV of Erie on Monday April 27, 2015 and the following video illustrates the occasion.

I was born and raised in this largest city of a country called Burma. This city used to be the capital city of the country during the time under British occupation which lasted close to a hundred years as well as a period of time after gaining independence in 1948.

Rangoon was considered one of the most highly regarded as well as an important commercial center in South East Asia during those days. Because of those reasons the British colonial government concentrated its apparatus in Rangoon.

When I was born, Burma was still under British rule and I remember the regal grandeur of its architecture and buildings, the accouterments of power which was continued under a democratic Burma as well as under the brutal military socialist government which came to power by force of arms. But under the last repressive regime the grande dame slowly deteriorated from neglect and indifference.

The video presented in this section shows the inexorable erosion and the crumbling of its infrastructure which I personally consider sad and inexcusable. The first 50 minutes of this video gives the viewer a peep into the history of its grandeur which bears a close relationship to the characters portrayed through my father and me since we lived and thrived in the center of Rangoon.