I invite you to walk beside Dr. Chu on his inspirational journey.  You’ll witness how determination, faith and character turn dreams into reality and overcome life-threatening adversity.  The spirit of America thrives in the soul of the naturalized citizen and you’ll find it every step of the way.

The Honorable Tom Ridge
First Secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
43rd Governor of Pennsylvania

What sustains American excellence is the nation’s ability to absorb the energy and talent of those regularly drawn to its welcoming and prosperous shores. In this intimate and inspiring chronicle of one immigrant’s journey from oppression in Burma to a successful career as a plastic surgeon in his new homeland, Winston Chu tells an old American story in an affecting new way. In vivid prose rich with detail, anecdote and personal and philosophical musings, he chronicles the two big challenges he faced – first political, early in life; then medical, later in life – that annealed his character as he aspired to achieve “the American Dream” through grit, determination, drive, perseverance and an abiding faith in the opportunity and promise of the United States. Along the way, through the manner in which he lives and cares, he defines what it means to be a citizen – concerned, involved, enthusiastic, grateful.

Art Carey
The Philadelphia Inquirer
“Member of the team that won the 1980 Pulitzer Prize for general local reporting” (for coverage of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant disaster)

Dr. Winston Chu is my best friend and I am proud to say so, because he has a great personality full of kindness, friendliness and warmth, and when I have needs he is always there for me. He is also gracious, well-mannered and a true gentleman.

Besides he is a one of the great plastic surgeons in USA. When you read Winston’s new book you will understand that everything I’ve said is true.

Eiji Oue
Music Director of
Barcelona (Spain) Orchestra
Hannover (Germany) Radio Symphony Orchestra
Osaka (Japan) Philharmonic Orchestra
Professor of Hannover Music Conservatory